plant breeder · digital specialist · agronomist

I am an Agronomist with a fervent inclination towards the field of crop genetic improvement. Over the course of my career, I have acquired a wealth of diverse experience within the agricultural sphere, specifically in production, training course coordination, research, and hybrid melon breeding.

My passion for seed breeding has found expression in my work managing and coordinating melon breeding programs. As part of this work, I have facilitated genotyping and phenotyping for selection, managed hybrid seed production, monitored the germplasm bank, and evaluated hybrids in experimental fields across various regions.

Additionally, I have contributed to the internal organizational development of agricultural schools, undertaking key responsibilities such as course coordination and the management of production areas, purchasing manager an financial manager. Furthermore, I have been an active participant in teams focusing on the selection of genetic improvement lines for tomato, cucurbits, and lettuce plants.

My experience extends to the inspection of phytosanitary product application equipment and serving as a weekly collaborator for an agricultural section on a local radio station.

I am enthusiastic to continue developing my skills in genetic improvement, and I am confident that my extensive experience and unrestrained passion for agriculture will prove invaluable to any team.